Opening up the lines of communication between dogs and their handlers through canine communication.

Once the handlers understand their canine's motives, desires, and needs; they can respond appropriately by properly encouraging or discouraging a behavior. 

By learning the best ways to communicate with your pooch, you set yourself up for a lifetime of training success, while forming the closest relationship possible. 

"Go Beyond Dog Training & Learn to Communicate with the help of a Canine Psychologist“

Rebuild your bond with the help of a Canine Psychologist

One Smart Pooch teaches the fundamentals and get right to the core of what is ”dog training”, canine psychology!

Every interaction you have with a dog is communication!

Your dogs behavior is communication and they are trying to tell you something, they are NOT just born aggressive, excited, etc. Humans come into this world crying, without words, acting out or behaving based on how we ”feel” and we also communicate via body language until we can speak words. Our canine friends are no different except they never learn english. But, with the help of a canine psychologist or a certified dog trainer they can learn sign language or single words to an act such as sit, stay, etc. “cues.”


“My Maya Reese is my Service Animal, who is also deaf herself. She was my family pet before this Herculean task of training her was accepted by One Smart Pooch LLC. My condition would have required her and our other family dog to be removed from the home in order to properly train a new dog who’d be dedicated to assisting me with my needs. The time & energy invested in Maya & myself by this awesome trainer provided us with the ability to keep Maya in our home. Maya is such a different, well behaved and focused dog since being trained by One Smart Pooch. She provided me with the follow on tools and training to ensure a lifelong healthy service relationship with my Maya Reese. My next pet will surely be sent to One Smart Pooch for training and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in the dog training area.”
Happy Handler of Maya Reese,
Louis “Trent” Brown III


Learn life long skills you can apply to ALL your dogs.

“No Extra Charge For Multiple Pack Members, We Learn and Train As A Pack or Team!”

Career as a Certified Dog Trainer

One Smart Pooch will ONLY hire ABC Certified Dog Trainers!

If you are NOT ABC Certified, taking our seminars maybe a great start for you to become a certified dog trainer and begin a career in dog training.

Service Dog Awareness

Teddy Trained by Dana Ortiz, ABCDT

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