Louis “Trent” Brown III

“My Maya Reese is my Service Animal, who is also deaf herself. She was my family pet before this Herculean task of training her was accepted by One Smart Pooch LLC. My condition would have required her and our other family dog to be removed from the home in order to properly train a new dog who’d be dedicated to assisting me with my needs. The time & energy invested in Maya & myself by this awesome trainer provided us with the ability to keep Maya in our home. Maya is such a different, well behaved and focused dog since being trained by One Smart Pooch. She provided me with the follow on tools and training to ensure a lifelong healthy service relationship with my Maya Reese. My next pet will surely be sent to One Smart Pooch for training and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in the dog training area.”
Happy Handler of Maya Reese,
Louis “Trent” Brown III


“I used to think I was good at training my dog because I could stack his favorite treat all over him and the house and he wouldn’t move until I said it was ok. That was until I meet Dana and One Smart Pooch. Dana and her canines taught me how to actually communicate with my pup. Instead of me telling him what to do all the time (sometimes getting results, sometimes needing more patience!) I learned how to read my pups body language, in a sense kind of like reading his mind. Knowing what he was thinking helped me to stop a whole bunch of bad behaviors that I used to tell myself was just “normal dog” behavior. No more chewed Jordan’s or phone chargers, my pup is fully capable of awareness, he knows what his toys are and what his bones are, no more random holes in the yard because I learned how to properly communicate with MY smart pooch! Even if you feel like you don’t need any help at all, maybe reading one of Dana’s books or brochures might open your mind to the endless possibilities of communication!! #sixstarbusiness”

Gretchen Hammond

“Harley is now my son’s companion and was Julian’s Service Dog before his passing. Harley is an amazingly trained service dog; trained and donated with lots of love by Dana Ortiz. Harley loves PJ and because of that love, Harley will do anything in his training to keep my son safe.”

Christine Hyatt

“Dana trained my daughter’s Service Dog and she gave/donated my ESP to me. Teddy is super smart and has bonded with Hannah; it’s a beautiful sight. I am very relieved! Teddy has been consistently alerting to lows and highs. He woke her up the other night and if she would have waited another 5 min. she would have had a seizure. Teddy is a lifesaver and one day my ESP will be a Service Dog!”


“The difference Harley has made for PJ cannot be overstated. We all thank you every day!”


“She’s persistent and caring. She loves what she does. She puts every effort into making sure her job is done right. Honest and loyal. Spread the word about this trainer.”


“This lady is the animal whisperer…. She so knowledgeable on dogs behavior….”


“I’ve never met a more capable trainer. Very much looking forward to the book coming out! (Helpful for those who don’t live in Colorado)”


“Dana is very knowledgeable and experienced in canine psychology. We have 3 stubborn dogs and she is always there to help when I have an issue.”

Whitney T.

“While watching any animals Jessie always provides a safe and healthy environment. Dogs are walked regularly and training games are used to keep dogs entertained and simulated. Animals in Jessie's care are always well feed, loved on plenty and happy to be around her.“

Joshua D.

“I work 12 hour shifts on an unstable schedule, usually 7 days a weeks. Jessie has helped me with many of my animals, but she has taught my cat to use the toilet instead of a litter box, my dog is happier, calmer, more focused on me for directions. I’ve learned a lot from Jessie’s directions and teachings, such a blessing to have met her!!” 


“Chance is Amazing, He is so Well Behaved. When he is Outside, He ignores the other dogs and they are the ones barking and running around while he’s Calm and Staying side by side with his Master. Once we get ourselves a Puppy, “One Smart Pooch,” is Training my Pup!” 

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